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​Becoming An HVAC Engineer

HVAC technicians and engineers both do repairs and installations, but engineers design the systems.

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​HVAC Apprenticeship Leads To Licensing

The advantages of apprenticeships are real-life training situations and getting paid. They take longer to complete than most trade school programs, however.

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Avoid Common Mistakes As An HVAC Professional

Proper training plus a few tricks of the trade will help you do that much better in your career as an HVAC technician.

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After Your HVAC Certification: Getting A Job

Getting your first job in the HVAC industry can be hard, but these three tips make it easier!

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​Common Myths About HVAC Technicians, Debunked

Is HVAC a bad field to get into? Don’t believe these lies—technicians have it good, so the joke's on the skeptics. We’ll show you why.

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​A ‘Day In The Life’ Of An HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians enjoy variety, good pay, and are needed by companies. Here’s what you can expect if you are going into the career.

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