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Free HVAC Practice Tests

Use our HVAC practice tests to study for becoming an becoming an HVAC technician. We currently have free online general study, HVAC controls, EPA and NATE certification practice tests with questions and answers. Visit this HVAC glossary if you need to learn HVAC terms

List of HVAC Practice Tests

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HVAC Controls

Learn about a career in HVAC with our HVAC controls practice test. It includes information about the operation of heating and air conditioning controls systems and it covers areas like sensors, controllers and other control devices.

hvac controls Test

EPA Certification

The EPA Certification is a requirement if you're going to be handling any type of refrigerants. It helps protect our environment by teaching best practices. Our practice test is designed to help you succeed in your HVAC training.

epa certification Test

NATE Certification

Try our North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification free practice test. This certification is not a requirement, but many employers may look to see if you have it. You can also use this test as a study guide if you're studying for the NATE Certification. 

nate certification Test

HVAC General Knowledge Part 1

HVAC general knowledge practice test part 1 has example questions and answers to help you study for your HVAC technician certification exams. 

hvac general knowledge part 1 Test

HVAC General Knowledge Part 2

Exercise your HVAC smarts with our HVAC general knowledge practice test part 2. In it, you'll find all kinds of questions, along with the correct answers, to help you prepare for training programs.

hvac general knowledge part 2 Test

HVAC General Knowledge Part 3

Practice test part 3 of the HVAC general knowledge exams will test your profession smarts. This free practice test is a great study tool, as well as a way to decide if HVAC is the right career for you. 

hvac general knowledge part 3 Test

HVAC General Knowledge Part 4

Use our free online HVAC general knowledge practice test part 4 to study for your exam, or to just figure out if HVAC is the right career for you. This practice test is filled with questions and answers to get you ready for your general knowledge HVAC certification exam.

hvac general knowledge part 4 Test