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Evening, Night and Weekend HVAC Training

Evening and Weekend HVAC Classes

In as few as 6 months of training, you can be ready to start your career as an HVAC technician. Many people opt for HVAC training during the day, but it’s not the only way you can earn your certificate.

You don't have to change your schedule completely to train for a career in HVAC. There are many programs that offer evening and night classes, so you can keep working while you prepare for your next career. Read on to learn more about HVAC evening and night classes, and even weekend training possibilities. 

HVAC Night and Evening Classes 

Because certification requirements are measured by how many hours of training you receive, classes can be held at anytime of day. Evening and night classes are especially great for students who work during the day. HVAC programs tend to be flexible, which means you can work toward earning your diploma or certificate on your own schedule. 

Are There HVAC Training Programs Available on Weekends?

Due to the complex nature of HVAC, weekend only courses are very rare. It would take years to complete an HVAC training program offered only on the weekends, so schools do not offer weekend only programs. However some schools do incorporate weekend classes into their normal daytime or nighttime program schedules. 

How Long are Evening and Night HVAC Programs?

The time it will take you to earn your HVAC diploma or certificate will vary depending on what school or program you choose. 

Night programs are sometimes longer because classes are shorter in the evening due to time constraints. However, this is not always the case. Many night or evening programs are the same length as daytime programs. In some, you may be in classes for up to 8 hours in the evening, while others might only last 4 hours. 

The time it takes to complete each program also varies widely. Some certificate programs can be as short as a few months, while others may last up to a year. Check with your chosen school to find out exactly how long your program is and what it may entail. 

Schools With Night and Evening HVAC Programs

Listed below is just a few of our many partner HVAC schools that offer night and evening HVAC training programs. 

Remember, this is only is a small selection of the many great schools that we partner with. No matter what program you decide on, start now with HVAC training to kick-start your career in as few as 6 months.  

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