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North American Trade Schools (NATS) has been providing the greater Baltimore area with skilled tradespeople since 1971. Since its founding, NATS has expanded to teach seven trades to meet employers’ needs.

North American Trade Schools is 100% dedicated to student success. NATS understands that investing in people makes all the difference. With education, skill enhancements, and career training in some of the top technical fields, NATS can help students live their best life right now.


At North American Trade Schools (NATS), our HRVAC training program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to install and repair heating, air conditioning, and residential refrigeration equipment. Graduates of our HRVAC program will be trained to assume positions as entry-level HRVAC and HVAC technicians in a variety of industries.

Graduates of our HRVAC school will have a basic understanding of heating, cooling, and refrigeration. The program covers in practice and theory the HRVAC electrical requirements, diagnosing, repairing, and installing HRVAC equipment systems, ductwork, metal fabricating and installation, and an understanding of HRVAC parts and accessories.


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