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Popular HVAC Systems: 2021

Popular HVAC Systems: 2021

Indoor climate controls are essential to keeping our homes livable. There are many HVAC systems on the market, each one with its own strengths. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular HVAC systems of 2021.

Some of the main features that make an HVAC system stand out from its competitors are:

  • Energy Efficiency - Choosing an HVAC system that allows you to save on utility bills is a high priority for any homeowner. Pay close attention to the SEER’s rating when researching the brands. The most efficient systems are rated 20-28.
  • Price - Most of the time, the quality of the HVAC system you’re selecting will depend on your budget. There are plenty of options that offer high quality for a reasonable price.
  • Warranty - A good brand offers a 5-10 year warranty on parts. If the brand of your choice is being stingy on warranty, this might be a big red flag.
  • Customer Reviews - In this day and age, customer reviews are a great way to find information on the quality and reliability of almost any product.


York is a well established HVAC systems brand. They manufacture all types of furnaces and air conditioners, and are known for being highly efficient.

One of the greatest advantages of a York HVAC system is ClimaSet technology. The installer has the ability to set up the furnace blower motor or air handler to blow at speeds idealized for your local climate. This means, for example, it can condense humid air to deliver drier air, making indoor living more comfortable. A number of York models come with this feature in both the Affinity series and the LX series.


Amana is a brand owned by Daikin, an air conditioning manufacturer which sells products worldwide. The Amana division focuses on highly efficient models, like the AVXC20, which has a SEER 24.5 and a variable-speed compressor.

Despite being known as reliable products, Amana has some of the best warranties in the industry. The compressors in the top units have a lifetime warranty for the original owners.

Another benefit of the Amana System is its built in ComfortBridge Technology. Typically, most HVAC units are connected to a central thermostat which tells the unit what to do. In select Amana systems, this communication is two-way with the thermostat. This technology makes the HVAC system more efficient as it decides and learns how to keep areas cooled efficiently.

American Standard

American Standard is one of the leading HVAC brands in the United States. They are known as a reliable, fairly efficient, and affordable brand. Many of their models are Energy Star Certified.

The AccuComfort Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioner is one of the quietest units on the market. On average, it runs 4dB below the competitors' most quiet models. Energy Star also rated it the most efficient model of 2019.


As a division of Carrier, Bryant manufactures high-quality HVAC units at slightly lower prices than its parent company. For this reason, they are some of the best units on the market.

The Evolution Extreme Variable Speed Air Conditioner was rated by Energy Star as the most efficient model of 2020 with a SEER of 26. These models are incredibly efficient, which is their greatest advantage.


Trane comes with a strong reputation for quality and reliability, and has been a leader in the world of HVAC for over 100 years.

One thing that sets Trane products apart is their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Before launching any new models, they put them to the test at their SEET (Systems Extreme Environment Test) lab in Texas. Through the frigid cold and boiling heat, they put years worth of wear and tear on their products in a matter of weeks to ensure all their products are built to last.

This testing allows Trane to test and perfect their products, like the XV20i & XV18 TruComfort air conditioners that thrive in any weather, before sending these high-quality products to market.

Each model we’ve listed has its strengths and is suited to different homes and environments. Wondering which model is best for you? Contact your local HVAC contractor.

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