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HVAC Technician Salary Increased Nearly 4% (2021 Data)

HVAC Technician Salary Increased Nearly 4% (2021 Data)

In the most recent release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on March 31, 2021, HVAC salaries went up by close to 4% [3.87]. This increase is great news for industry professionals and anyone interested in getting into HVAC.

HVAC Technician Salary Information

The average salary pay for HVAC technicians in 2019 was $51,420. In 2020, average pay increased to $53,410, with hourly wages increasing to $25.68. This includes the wages of all HVAC technicians throughout the country, including apprentices who get paid less than fully-qualified HVAC technicians.

The state with the highest paid HVAC technicians last year was Alaska. There, HVAC technicians earned on average $79,630 per year. Cities with the highest average pay included:

  • Fairbanks, AK
  • Napa, CA
  • San Francisco/Oakland/Hayward, CA

Top Industries for HVAC Technicians

The largest employer for HVAC techs in 2020 was Building Equipment Contractors, employing up to 11.63% of industry professionals. Some of the other largest employers were Merchant Wholesalers, Direct Selling Establishments, and Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance.

Top States and Cities for HVAC Technicians

The state with the most HVAC technicians in 2020 was Florida. 33,210 HVAC techs worked in the state last year, earning an average wage of $45,450 per year. City areas that employed the most HVAC technicians in 2020 were:

  • New York City, NY/ Newark, NJ
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami/Ft Lauderdale/West Palm Beach, FL

HVAC technicians also experienced higher demand in some areas than others. The state with the highest demand for HVAC techs last year was Idaho. Cities with the highest demand included:

  • The Villages, FL
  • Lewiston-Auburn, ME
  • Vallejo-Fairfield, CA

Rising wages indicate growing demand for HVAC technicians across the country. The demand for HVAC technicians is expected to steadily increase, adding about 15,100 jobs by 2029. Demand for HVAC technicians is driven by the need for more energy efficient heating and cooling systems. As these systems age, newer, more efficient systems will need to be installed.

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