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HVAC Organizations You Need To Know About

HVAC Organizations You Need To Know About

There are hundreds of HVAC organizations out there that were created to support the trade and its workers. We narrowed them down to a list of the key ones you need to know.

NATE (North American Technician Excellence)

NATE is the largest non-profit certification organization in the U.S. for HVAC techs. Developed by experts in the field and supported by the entire industry, the NATE certification is the basic standard for which HVAC knowledge is measured. Technicians must pass a few multiple-choice tests to prove their real-life HVAC skills and industry knowledge.

Although receiving training and gaining experience is suggested prior to testing, all techs are welcome to take NATE exams. Many companies and clients seek out NATE certified techs for high quality work.

There are many benefits to getting NATE certified. You can learn more about the NATE certification here.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

ASHRAE works around the world to advance the technology behind HVAC practices. Their main goal is to improve sustainability and create a healthier environment. ASHRAE heads research efforts to design HVAC systems that are more energy efficient and provide the best indoor air quality.

With over 50,000 members in 132 different countries, ASHRAE has a very wide scope of duties. They offer a range of resources including training courses, certification, research, and even hosting conferences.

Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES)

RSES has been a leader in refrigeration research and training since the early 1930’s. They publish a monthly journal which displays the depth of their expertise and provides readers with the newest HVAC research. This journal is a solid resource to help both beginners and experienced techs hone their craft!

Along with their journal, RSES hosts one of the biggest conferences in the industry, which is attended by thousands of HVAC techs from across the U.S. every year.

Women in HVAC-R

Women in HVAC-R works to support and aid women working in the HVAC field. They provide networking opportunities, mentoring, and education for female techs.

This organization’s main goal is to give women in the trade ways to connect with other women and excel in their careers. Women In HVAC-R also offers scholarship opportunities for women looking for training!

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

Similar to ASHRAE, ACCA plays a big part in writing the standards for the most up-to-date HVAC systems and maintenance practices. Along with companies, techs can join ACCA on their own and receive benefits such as help finding work in your area.

ACCA also handles a lot of legal aspects of improving the HVAC industry. They do so by pushing for the best interests of HVAC workers and fighting for laws that support the HVAC community.

HVAC: A Trade of Opportunity

HVAC is a field of great opportunity in the future, with lots of support from the organizations we listed above, plus many more!

HVAC is a steadily growing trade and has a 6% projected field growth by 2032 [BLS]. We partner with the best, most affordable HVAC schools across the U.S. where you can train to become career-ready in as little as 6 months! Interested in HVAC as a career? Find an HVAC trade school near you.


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