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Avoid Common Mistakes As An HVAC Professional

HVAC systems are becoming increasingly complex, and employers are looking for applicants with technical training to work on them. The right training will help you avoid errors and start a successful career.

Avoiding HVAC System Repair And Installation Mistakes

Even small mistakes can result in issues with the durability, efficiency, and operating costs of HVAC systems. Rely on training, experience, and common sense to help prevent these four common mistakesย and make you a better service technician. Find a local HVAC school now.

Common HVAC Mistakes

Not checking refrigerant leaks after removing service gauges

Often, valve stems will leak. This may go unnoticed, and all the while, the refrigerant leaks out of the system. Itโ€™s a good practice that technicians replace the caps at any service port that is removed during a call. If the valve is leaking, use the cap to correct the leak.

Failure to check the condition of the evaporator coil

Many times, technicians fail to look at the state of the evaporator coil, and failing to do so usually results in another problem. By examining the coil, youโ€™ll know if it is fully active, starved, or iced over. This helps locate the source of the problem in most HVAC systems.

Not waiting for the system to cycle off on its temperature control

Sometimes, customers will try to resolve a problem on their own by adjusting the thermostat to a hotter or colder temperature. If the problem persists, they contact you, the technician. If you don't look for this, you could be forced to return if the client calls complaining about the residence or facility being too hot or cold. Wait for the system to cycle off before closing each case.

Not checking the voltage rating of a replacement component before installation

When changing a thermostat, technicians must verify the voltage of the replacement component. Replacing the wrong voltage is a costly mistake on the appliance, and installing the wrong compression may not be easy to fix. You will need to remove the incorrect replacement and then install the correct one, a waste of time and energy that could have been prevented.

Training Will Help You Avoid Mistakes

The right HVAC training allows people to enter the industry with valuable knowledge at their fingertips, and attending a good HVAC school can launch your career in this field.ย 

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