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About Online HVAC Technician Training

Though online HVAC training programs are not available at all schools, there are a few schools (like Penn Foster) that do offer all-online HVAC training. Read on to find out what all-online HVAC training is like. Find online HVAC training near you.

Online HVAC Program Overview

When studying through an online HVAC program you will have the freedom to take courses on your schedule, you can study where you want and at your own pace. These programs are designed to help you prepare for general HVAC technician certification, and may also include EPA certification preparation, EPA certification test voucher, and even exam registration.

According to the course outline for Penn Foster's online HVAC program, students start by learning the fundamentals of the industry. They gain a general understanding of a broad range of technical skills and develop the ability to troubleshoot and correctly employ the common tools and equipment they'll use.

Courses In An Online HVAC Program

  • Orientation - A general introduction to HVAC including uses, components, types of jobs and other basic information about the career. 
  • Math & Electrical Theory for HVAC - You'll learn how to apply your math skills to real world situations  and about fundamental electrical concepts.
  • Fundamentals of HVAC/R - Covers a broad range of technical skills and helps develop the ability to recognize and properly use the common tools, equipment, and materials used.
  • Refrigeration Systems - This course will teach you how an HVAC system works and best practices for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Electrical Systems - Covers electrical power and you'll learn how the different electrical equipment, circuits, motors, and control devices operate.
  • Residential and Light Commercial HVAC - This course will cover the best practices for installation and service of home and small commercial HVAC systems.
  • HVAC System Design & Installation - In this course you'll learn about buildings, air-duct design, and HVAC system placement.
  • Commercial HVAC Maintenance - Covers the commercial best practices and other things like lithium bromide absorption systems.

Online Vs. Classroom Training

Online HVAC training can be an incredibly convenient way to train for a career as an HVAC technician. Advantages of online instruction can include being able to save money on tuition costs, gas, and other expenses, as well as the ability to customize your study and exam schedule.

Some tools a school may use for their online curriculum include:

  • Mobile friendly websites or apps
  • Virtual simulations
  • Videos
  • Personal coaches
  • Progress tracking tools

Some disadvantages of online coursework may include lack of hands-on training and not having an instructor immediately available for your questions and concerns. Though, you will generally have quick access to your instructor through chat, text, email, or phone. Connecting with fellow students is also usually possible through chat-rooms and/or forums.

Find online HVAC training near you.

What Type of Technology Will I Need?

All schools are different but generally, first, you'll need to have a high speed internet connection. You may also need access to a Windows® based computer running Windows 7 or later or an Apple® Mac® computer running OS X® or later. That being said, online schools often offer mobile friendly versions of their coursework too.


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