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5 Pros Share Why They Pursued HVAC

5 Pros Share Why They Pursued HVAC

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) field is continuing to grow quickly. With the opportunity to be career-ready in as few as six months, the 2023 average pay of $59,620 (bls.gov), and the chance to join an industry that’s always in demand, there’s no shortage of reasons to pursue HVAC.

To give you a first-hand perspective on some of the many benefits of joining the field, we sought out the opinion of five experts in the HVAC industry. They shared with us their favorite benefits of making HVAC their career path.

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Scott D., HVAC Apprentice

“I guess I could’ve chosen any other trade because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but HVAC seemed like it encompassed a lot of things, like plumbing, being an electrician, so I thought HVAC would be the coolest thing to do.

The the pay is a reason why I pursued this trade. Really, I want to start my own business once I get fully licensed.”

Tay T., HVAC/r Technician

“I became certified in 2011 after graduating from tech school. I’ve been working in the field ever since and I love it. I started low on the residential side and was making pretty good money. Then, I began to look for more commercial experience, so I jumped up into commercial/industrial around 2013. I must say it is the best choice I ever made.

The career is fast paced, always growing, and very competitive! I love going new places and working with various amounts of equipment.

In short, I absolutely LOVE what I do. It’s fun and challenging.

Go HVAC/R you won’t regret it. You will never be out of work.”

Chris T., HVAC/r Technician

“When you’re young, you’ve got all these ideas about what you want to do. But, until you actually get out there and do it and experience it, it might be something totally different.

I would encourage anyone to pursue a career in HVAC. Once you get your license and once you’ve put in your time, there’s no stopping you. I mean, there’s no cap in this field.

You’ve gotta get out there and try it. Don’t go by what other people tell you, they’re not you."

Brandon B., HVAC Technician (Industrial)

“My dad did heating and cooling while I was growing up. He was able to provide for a family of four, owned two cars, a nice house, and with his income, my mom could afford to only work part-time. I figured I would be able to at least take care of myself with a job like that, so I applied.

The school was CHEAP compared to traditional college. I had my debt paid in full in only a few years. And the courses (weren’t long at all), which was perfect because I'm not a big fan of classrooms. But the trade school classes were very different from traditional schooling. We had a big lab, and most of our education was hands-on. Once we learned the fundamentals and were finally allowed to get our hands dirty in the lab, I knew that I made a good choice.

I can't say enough good things about the school I went to (Fortis College, in Akron, OH). They helped me put together a resume, and helped me fill applications, and even taught me how to interview. Their entire goal was to get us employed, and it worked. Within two weeks of finishing the class, I had a full-time job with good benefits making double the wages I’d made at my part-time job.

I've done residential and commercial HVAC, and property maintenance. But I've since moved into industrial maintenance. My education and experience got me into a factory working on ammonia chillers and high-pressure boilers, as well as general mechanical and electrical work on the factory equipment. I'm very happy doing what I do. God willing, I plan on retiring from the company I'm with right now.

I think the thing I love most about the field is the massive number of things you can do within it. I landed in industrial work. My dad was able to move into facility maintenance management, and is now an Assistant Maintenance Director at a well-known university. But you don't have to follow my footsteps. You can get into property maintenance, electrical work, pipefitting, etc.

In the HVAC field, you learn the foundations for many trades. It makes you a versatile and valuable worker.

Because of HVAC, I love the life that I have. I have a beautiful wife, a nice car, a big house, a good retirement pension, and job security. On top of it all, I make a living. About $20,000 more annually than the average income of my community.

You just can't go wrong. We're so high in-demand that you'll never be broke. And you get to work with your hands AND your mind. It's a great, challenging career, and I absolutely love where it's taken me. I wouldn't trade my current lifestyle for anything.”

John R., HVAC Business Owner

“Most people think it’s manual labor, but there’s a lot of skill set to it. You’re using your head, thinking on your feet, and there’s gratification to it. When you fix something for someone and make them comfortable again, they think you’re the king.”

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