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Ten Surprising Benefits Of An HVAC Career

It’s no secret that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is a flourishing industry that doesn’t require four years of education to get into. But, you may not be aware of the more intricate benefits of working in the field if you’re not in it yet. Here are ten other pluses to starting a career in HVAC.

  1. Great pay: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), HVAC tech pay has consistently increased every year over the past decade. In 2018, the average annual wage among HVAC techs was more than $50,000!

  2. Fast training and education: At a typical university, you’ll likely spend at least four years learning the ins and outs of your desired career path. One of our partner HVAC schools can help you be career-ready in as few as six months.

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  4. Career advancement: While being an HVAC technician is a very respectable profession, you can always look to expand your certification and skill set by specializing in more advanced fields in the industry. Jobs like HVAC refrigeration repairman (HVAC/R) or HVAC engineer open doors to a greater payday and can increase demand for your services.

  5. Be challenged: In HVAC, every single project is different, which means you’ll never be stuck doing the same monotonous work day in, day out. You’ll frequently have to find creative ways to solve problems on the fly.

  6. Job growth: Between now and 2026, the projected job growth rate for HVAC is more than double the growth rate of all other occupations, according to BLS. This means that HVAC techs will be busier than they’ve ever been and the need for more techs will only keep growing.

  7. Job stability: No matter what happens in the economy, those working in the HVAC industry will have security. The need for heating and cooling services will always be there. Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about your job being outsourced, as most projects require hands-on maintenance.

  8. Keeping others comfortable: Which is worse—no heat in the winter or no A/C in summer? Your skills can be used to help people live more efficiently and comfortably.

  9. For the tech savvy: There is a constant flow of new technologies available in HVAC, making it a great career path for anyone who enjoys implementing and learning about modern innovations.

  10. Every day is different: Life as an HVAC technician means that every day brings about a variety of new tasks in new places. This means you’ll spend your time solving problems all over town rather than being stuck in an office.

  11. Little to no student debt: While working toward a bachelor’s degree can leave you with up to six figures of debt, some of our partner schools can provide a great education for a small fraction of that. In fact, almost all of our schools offer financial aid to those that qualify.

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