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Finding An HVAC Job For Recent Trade School Graduates

Finding An HVAC Job For Recent Trade School Graduates

If youโ€™ve just finished your HVAC technician training program at a local trade school, and are about to look for an entry-level HVAC job, you have a few options to consider when starting your search. Let's review a few possible options.

Job Placement

Check with your school - many trade schools offer job placement services. These services can include career planning programs that focus on interviewing techniques, resume writing, skills assessment, attitude, dress, and more.

Beyond that, some trade schools have relationships with locally or nationally based HVAC companies, giving their graduating students a path to the job or apprenticeship that suits them best. Many of our partner HVAC schools offer job placement services.

Introduce Yourself to Local HVAC Companies

One of my best friends owns an HVAC company in Florida. He rarely ever uses job posting boards, but he employs up to a dozen technicians at any given time. I asked him how he would feel about a recent trade school graduate calling or even stopping by the office to talk.

His exact words were, โ€œThatโ€™s happened before. I like it; it shows initiative.โ€ He went on to explain that heโ€™s often very busy and if a potential employee were to just stop by unannounced, there is a good chance that theyโ€™d have to schedule a meeting and come back in order to meet with him personally.

My takeaway from our conversation was, well, donโ€™t be shy. This is a very viable method for a recent trade school graduate to find an entry-level job.

Job Posting Boards

Check out career sites like CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and others to see what job openings have been posted.

If you Google a phrase like โ€œHVAC jobs for new graduates,โ€ youโ€™ll find many of the above mentioned sites very quickly. Our research of these boards did in fact yield many entry level HVAC jobs, all across the U.S.

One tip when using job posting boards is to search them often and contact companies as soon as possible after a job is listed.

Other Good HVAC Job Hunting Options

Talk about it with your friends, family, or fellow community members. There is a good chance that someone you know has a relationship with an HVAC company, whether it be on a personal or professional basis.

Check with apartment management companies and condo complexes in your area. Some large property management companies hire their own HVAC technicians, and many smaller ones will have good relationships with the local HVAC companies who might be hiring.

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