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How Much Do HVAC Jobs Pay In 2019?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting a 15 percent employment growth for HVAC through 2026. There are going to be more than 48,000 positions that need to be filled, so if you’re thinking about an HVAC career, this couldn’t be a better time for you.

Across the country, the job market is strong for HVAC techs. But, how much will an HVAC tech make in 2019? Read on to find out more.

How Much Do HVAC Jobs Pay?

The average weekly pay for HVAC technicians is $941, according to Ziprecruiter. But, weekly salaries are more in the range of $462 to $1,413.

Glassdoor places the annual salary for HVAC techs between $29,000 and $66,000, with the average yearly income falling in at $43,660. But, if you were to look on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, then you’d find the median annual salary placed at just over the amount of $47,000.

Do HVAC Techs Make Good Money?

In 2019, the average annual household income in the United States teeters just over $60,000. Depending on where your HVAC technician salary falls, and if you’re in a dual income household, you potentially will do very well.

Of course, salary is relative to where you live, your lifestyle, and other factors that fall into this good money category. At the end of the day, if you’re making enough money to pay your bills, and feed and clothe the people in your home that need feeding and clothing, then you’re doing just fine.

Another factor to weigh in when thinking about an HVAC tech salary is the amount of education necessary, plus the cost associated with it. Chances are, you won’t have a massive amount of student debt to pay off, unlike most of your peers who followed the four-year university route. That means you have more control over that money you’re bringing home.

States HVAC Techs Make The Most Money

The salaries for HVAC techs across the country do not have a huge discrepancy, and the listed “best states” vary depending on what you Google search. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is one of the most trusted sources for accurate employment information, the top paying cities for HVAC technicians are:

District of Columbia: The median annual salary is $69,610.

Alaska: The median annual salary is $66,290.

Connecticut: The median annual salary is $64,180.

Hawaii: The median annual salary is $61,670.

Massachusetts: The median annual salary is $59,890.

There are also states such as Texas and California, where natural disasters wreaked havoc, where construction jobs such as HVAC are in need of qualified technicians. Also consider looking into states with large growth of developments and expansion like Nevada and Arizona. Plus, with warmer weather, that means air-conditioning units in residential and commercial spaces are in constant need of maintaining, repairing, or replacing.

How Much Does An HVAC Journeyman Make?

Once you are an HVAC journeyman, you will see a dramatic increase in salary. To become a journeyman HVAC, that means you’ve completed your apprenticeship and have taken the certification exams. The journeyman title allows you to work unsupervised, but what you are allowed to do is more determined by the state you live in. Each one has its own set of unique rules.

Salaries for an HVAC journeyman in the United States average around $63,000. Again, this number may be different for you depending on factors such as where you work, what state you’re in, and the amount of experience you have.

There is a strong demand for HVAC techs in 2019, and that will extend through 2026. So, if you’re looking to get into a great career that comes with a great paycheck, then HVAC is the right move for you.

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