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You won’t find a year’s worth of general education courses as part of any student’s schedule here: instead, we’ve done away with the unrelated curriculum and focused each program on the skills and training that a graduate will need when they start their new career. So a nursing student isn’t required to study US History I, and an IT student doesn’t need to take Philosophy 101. This means students can graduate in significantly less time, often in months not years. For example, the LPN day program is just 12 months in length, and the electrician apprenticeship day program schedule is only 9 months.

Every path of study at Eastwick has been developed to meet a specific job market demand and is backed by a robust set of industry certifications and affiliations. For example, students of the diagnostic cardiovascular sonography associate degree are able to sit for seven different certifications (RMA, CET, CPT, CCT, RCS, RVS, and SPI) and can return later and transfer their previous credits to the bachelor degree path. The program is also approved by CAAHEP, providing some of the best career opportunities for graduates.

One thing you won’t see are students worrying whether they’ll get into the classes they need that semester: each student at Eastwick College is guaranteed the classes they need to graduate on time, including externships for those in medical programs. By providing students with an optimized set of classes for each semester, you’re able to focus more on your studies and less on scheduling conflicts. It also saves you money, as there is no need to take extra semesters just to finish one or two classes that weren’t available previously, as is often the case at many traditional four-year colleges.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR)

HVACR, refers to the climate control of residential and commercial buildings, and refrigeration systems that control humidity, temperature and the general comfort of the occupants.

Learn how to install, maintain, and repair residential and light commercial HVACR systems, with training in the electrical, electronic, and mechanical components.

Students learn basic electricity, piping and ductwork sizing and installation, air conditioning service and installation, furnace and boiler service and installation. They are taught to troubleshoot and diagnose malfunctions in the appliances.


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