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CBT Technology Institute

CBT Technology Institute - Miami, FL (Flagler)


CBT Technology Institute is a higher education and premier technical school based in Miami, Florida, that seeks to provide affordable career training with a focus on preparing our community for technology and science careers.

We focus in programs that provide both education and true hands-on experience in modern lab environments, in order to keep up with today’s fast paced world and the need in our community to prepare and be ready for current and sought-after careers.

As a fully-certified vocational and trade school in Miami, FL, we are prepared to give students the technical skills that can help them get a job directly related to the field they studied. Our students graduate fully trained and ready to work in their industry of choice. We offer degree and diploma programs in Allied Health, Business Administration, Computer Networking, and Trade fields (Electricity and Air Conditioning).

CBT Technology Institute operates three campuses conveniently located in the Greater Miami Area (Cutler Bay, Hialeah, and Miami) that are nationally accredited by A.C.I.C.S., certified by the U.S. Department of Education and licensed by the Commission of Independent Education.

Additionally, as part of our commitment to our students and the community, CBT Technology Institute not only proactively assists graduates with job placement in their field, but offers Continuing Education and Professional Development programs designed to provide both, our Alumni and the community, with further skills, new advancements, and updated knowledge to be applied on their line of work that can be required to maintain status, certification, or licensure.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology - Associate

Our HVAC school’s 2-year program in A/C Refrigeration Technology will provide you with the skills and experience necessary to gain mid-level employment as an HVAC technician. Our high-quality classroom instruction and hands-on training – available in both English and Spanish – will prepare you to work in a variety of settings – indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial.

We also work with you in each area of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, from reading blueprints and installation to maintenance and repair of both heating and cooling systems. Your training in CBT Technology Institute’s HVAC school ensures that you will have the confidence you need to find the HVAC position that best suits your skills.

People in the United States, and especially here in South Florida, rely on their cooling and heating systems to get them through their daily tasks, and they rely on HVAC technicians to ensure, not only that those systems are working properly, but that they are as green and efficient as possible. This reliance creates an array of job opportunities for anyone interested in A/C Refrigeration.

Our HVAC school’s 2-year program will teach you the basics of how to install, repair, and maintain a variety of equipment in various settings, and you will also complete several courses dedicated to teaching you the concepts of green technologies, sustainable HVAC practices, and alternative energy. Our hands-on training will give you the chance to discover which area may best suit your abilities.

A/C and Refrigeration Technician - Diploma

CBT Technology Institute's 8-month program quickly gives you the HVAC training necessary to begin working in an entry-level position.

Our hands-on instruction, available in both English and Spanish, will teach you how to understand, develop, repair, and maintain a variety of A/C equipment, expanding your employment opportunities, as well as providing a basis from which to pursue your A.S. in A/C Refrigeration Technology.

Get the knowledge you need to understand, develop, repair, and maintain a variety of A/C & refrigeration equipment (HVAC), expanding your employment opportunities in the local job market. After completion of the diploma program, you will be able to install, maintain, and repair refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning systems of all types.


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