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HVAC Technician at National Career Education

An HVAC technician is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in working on the heating, cooling, refrigeration and ventilation systems in various kinds of buildings. The work of an HVAC technician entails installing, inspecting, and repairing HVAC systems.

The Workforce: As a graduate from our HVAC Technician program, you will be prepared to enter a rapidly growing field. Due to the increasing complexity of new HVAC systems, qualified and certified HVAC technicians will continue to be in demand.

Job Opportunities: As a graduate from our HVAC program you will be qualified to work in a variety of workplaces including homes, offices, schools, hospitals, factories and more.

Applied Skills: As a graduate from our HVAC program you will be familiar with installing, troubleshooting, repairing, and servicing HVAC systems With this wealth of relevant knowledge you will be prepared to qualify for the reputable industry certification.


Source: Career School Now - National Career Education

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