HVAC Certification

HVAC Certification

Understanding the various types of HVAC certifications will help determine which types are right for you.

EPA 608 Certification

A required certification for those technicians working with any type of refrigerant containers. You legally would not be allowed to purchase any necessary equipment without the EPA 608 Certification.

Type I Certification

Allows technicians the capability of servicing small appliances such as vending machines, air conditioners and domestic refrigerators.

Type II Certification

Necessary if the HVAC technician is to be allowed to service and dispose of equipment with high-pressure refrigerants such as large air conditioners, heat pumps and supermarket and industrial refrigeration.

Type III Certification

Mandatory for HVAC technicians whose primary focus is on low-pressure refrigerants which includes chillers.

EPA Universal Certification

Recommended in order to work on all the types of HVAC equipment. The EPA Universal Certifications opens up a wider variety of opportunities and the holder of the certificate is more marketable whether they were to start their own company or work within a firm.

NATE Certification ("North American Technician Excellence")

The preeminent and most highly recognized HVAC certification. It is not a requirement to become NATE certified but, due to the rigorous exams in place, the technician is more specialized and knowledgeable in the field.

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